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Guideline (Golden rule)
The publication of information, documents, audio or video documents, audio or video sequences, and representations whose origin is in direct connection with the Free People’s Mission Krefeld e.V. or with Mr. Ewald Frank is to be carried out in compliance with the following conditions:
  • entirely in its original form without changes and attachments in at least satisfactory quality
  • without invasion of privacy of individual people, such as close-up views or zooming in on individual people or groups without the expressed consent of the affected persons
  • without distortion of the contents
  • with reference to the sources
  • with indication of the authorization code
The permission for its use is subject to the condition that the copyright notice appears on all copies; that the information is used for personal, non-commercial purposes only; that the information is not changed in any way and that the presentations on the website are used solely in conjunction with the corresponding text.
Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and for ever.(Heb. 13:8)