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Legal notice
General Terms of Use
This is the official website of the Free People’s Mission Krefeld e.V. (registered association).
Access and use of this website are subject to the following regulations. If you not agree to these terms, please do not access this website. At our discretion, we reserve the right to entirely or partially change our website as well as the terms of use or cease its operation without notice. Therefore, we ask that you review these terms again at your next visit to this website and take note of any amendments.

Right of Use
All of the information, documents, audio and video documents, audio and video sequences, and presentations released on this site are largely the exclusive property of the Free People’s Mission Krefeld e.V. Otherwise, the copyright or source of reference for the content is provided. The permission for their use is subject to the condition that the information is utilized solely for personal, non-commercial purposes and that the information is not altered in any way.
We object to any commercial application and distribution of our data under reference to paragraph 28 BDSG.

Restrictions on Use
The Free People’s Mission e.V. dissociates itself from all unauthorized/unapproved publications outside of its own website '' in free or charging portals, sites, forums, etc. The authorization for publication can be requested here. We reserve the right to grant or deny authorization on the condition of the acceptance of our guideline (Golden Rule). Likewise, we reserve the right to revoke previously granted authorization due to disregard of our guideline. The issuance of an authorization does not absolve of compliance with legal regulations and standards as, for example, applicable copyrights.
The most convenient method for us is the linking to our website.

Area of Responsibility
This legal notice applies only to the official website of the Free People’s Mission Krefeld e.V. and its multilingual translations

Third Party Sites / Links
The internet presence of the Free People’s Mission Krefeld e.V. is part of the World Wide Web and can, among other things, contain links or references to third party websites, which can change at any time. These links to third party websites were closely examined for any possible conflict with moral, ethical, or legal principles before they were incorporated. Nevertheless, they do not necessarily constitute endorsement of their contents on the part of the Free People’s Mission Krefeld e.V. The Free People’s Mission Krefeld e.V. does not assume any responsibility for the availability or the content of such websites nor any liability for losses or injuries that result from the use – regardless of application – of such contents. Links to other websites are made available to the users of this website strictly as a convenience. Any connection to these websites is made at the user’s own risk. Furthermore, the liking from third party websites to the website of the Free People’s Mission Krefeld e.V. does not necessarily constitute agreement with its contents on the part of the Free People’s Mission Krefeld e.V. .

Service Provider
Free People’s Mission Krefeld e.V.

in the German company register at the Krefeld district court, dept. 40 VR Nr. 2421

Ewald Frank

Mailing Address
Am Herbertzhof 11-17, 47809 Krefeld

Fast Electronic and Direct Communication
Tel.: 02151/545151
Fax: 02151/951293

Purpose of this Website
The information on this website serves exclusively as the presentation of the Free People’s Mission Krefeld e.V.

Privacy Policy
You can generally use our online presentation without the disclosure of your personal data. When browsing a web page, the browser principally sends information about the browser type and version, the related operating system, the referrer URL, the IP address, the file name, the access status, the amount of data transferred, the date and time of the server request. These data are neither assigned to a person nor to other data sources and are first stored and deleted after a statistical evaluation.

Collection and Handling of Personal Data
Personal data will only be collected when it is voluntarily provided to us by you, for example, in connection with a request for authorization by completion of a form or the sending of e-mails, in connection with the order of publications, inquiries, or the request for materials.
The database and its contents stay with our Mission and our provider. Your personal data will not be provided in any form to third parties by us or individuals commissioned by us, unless we have received your consent or an official directive.

Designated Use
Personal data collected from you will be used only to furnish you with the desired publications or for any other purpose for which you have given your consent, provided that no other legal obligations exist.

Right of Access and Amendment
You have the right to review and correct all data relating to your person that is on record with us on a voluntary basis if they are out-dated or incorrect according to your opinion. For this purpose, an e-mail to the Free People’s Mission Krefeld e.V. (Contact Form) will suffice.

Limitation of Liability
The Free People’s Mission Krefeld e.V. has verified and composed the information that you find on this website through internal and external sources with professional diligence and to the best of our knowledge. We strive to continually expand and update the range of information. For the herein presented information, we offer no guarantee – neither expressly nor implicitly – and assume no liability for completeness, actuality, quality, or accuracy. Please be aware that information may no longer be current. For this reason, you should verify any information that you obtain on this website before you utilize it, in whatever way that may be. The users of this website agree to access this website and its contents at their own risk. Neither the Free People’s Mission e.V. nor third parties involved in the creation, production, or transmission of this website are liable for losses or injuries that result from the access or the impossibility of access, the use or the impossibility of use of this website, or from the circumstances that arise by your reliance on any information contained in this website.

Infringement / Notice of Liability
No notice of liability without prior contact!
Should you presume that the content or the appearance of this website infringes on the unknown rights of third parties or legal requirements, then we request a prompt and proper notification without debit note. An infringement possibly transmitted on these pages may not be removed by the owner of such rights himself/herself without our consent. We guarantee that we will promptly remove the rightly claimed passages without the need for employment of legal counsel on your part. Nevertheless, expenses incurred on your part without prior establishment of contact will be fully declined and, if necessary, we will file a counter-claim due to the violation of aforementioned stipulations.

Thank you for your understanding.
Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and for ever.(Heb. 13:8)